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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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mary gshe also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive and perfect timing. the union square ice skating b-s 5 >> the coldest weather we've seen since april, and perfect
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timing though. the union square ice skating rink just opened. >> not much melting at that ice skating rink. low to mid 50s. our afternoon highs for severale ly only be this warm. there's the culprit, big area of low pressure diving all the way down from alaska, giving us the coldest weather in the bay area since easter. winter weather advisory goes in to effect tomorrow morning. 3 to 7 inches of new snow and a very low snow level, 3500 feet. on the east coast another storm is moving through sitting off the rhode island coastline and their snow is zero feet. it's snowing a week after a hurricane moved through. more on our forecast through the weekend. >> thank you, paul.
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some parts of new york haven't r or heat for 10 nights now. they're dealing with a whole lot of snow and cold. nearly 200,000 customers on the east coast without power tonight. downed electrical wires have stopped commuter trains in long island. new york city police urging residents to leave low lying neighborhoods but the mayor has not issued any mandatory evacuations. many are staying behind because they're afraid of looting. >> everything i own is here and i'm trying to save it. my wife, my kids, my best friend, mike. and i'm just going to lose everything. my body is shutting down. >> the nor'easter canceled hundreds of flight, including 31 to and from sfo. cbs 5 is partnering with the red cross to help the victims of hurricane sandy.
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you can donate tomorrow by calling 1-888-5-helps-u. our special hot line will run from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow. his final race is over. president obama today thanked cd ing back to work. >> there's no shortage of work to be done. approaching the fiscal cliff with a stalemate on capitol hill, cbs 5 reporter looks ahead to the second term. >> reporter: the president and his family arrived back in washington. the white house is their official home for four more years. >> i've never been more hopeful about our future. >> reporter: the president won't have a lot of time to savor his victory. the most pressuring issue on the plate is the fiscal cliff, the mix of huge cuts and automatic tax increases and it's set to go in to effect in about 7 weeks. >> you voted for action, not politics as usual. >> reporter: economists have
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warned the fiscal cliff can plunge the country in to another recession. today the president has been calling congressional leaders. at least for now, he and john boehner are talking about a new spirit of cooperation in washington. >> we're not as divided as our politics suggested. we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we're greater than the thumb of our individual ambation. >> reporter: today speaker boehner started open negotiations with the president. >> we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. it matters where it comes from and what type of reform comes with it. if there's a mandate in yesterday's results it's a mandate for us to figure out a way to work together. >> reporter: now there's a new idea thrown out by the house speaker. he's saying why don't we delay the fiscal cliff all together for a year and in the meantime congress can work on reforming taxes and social
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security. >> the dow plunged 312 points today, its worst day in the year. a lot of talk is that wall street is worried a second term president obama will want tougher regulations. cbs money watch points out two hours before the opening bell the president of the european central bank admitted the euro zone crisis is now harming the once mighty german economy. >> on the subject of taxes, the passage of prop 30 means some californians will get money back. it lessens the risk of another round of budget cuts. for the csu system, a midyear fee-hike will be canceled. many students may get a refund of a previous hike of $241. that hardly solves the state's problems. >> we have to make sure over the next few years that we pay our bills, invest in the right
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programs but don't go on spending binges like in the days of the dot com boom. >> there's been an up take in home burglaries in the many bay cities, many of them blamed on 35-year-old anna lausi and ladson were arrested. officers found stolen drugs in their car. police say they're behind 15 residential burglaries in san mateo and contra costa counties. >> cbs 5 reporter shows us they're hoping one neighbor in particular can help them out. >> it used to be a beautiful place. it used to be a tranquil place but now it's a place where
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people are terrorized. >> reporter: she's talking about oakland hills, an area notorious for violent burglaries. >> two men walked down my driveway in to my garage and held a gun at me. i began to scream. and they beat me repeatedly over the head with the gun. >> reporter: they took off with this woman's purse all as her 9-year-old son was watching. police didn't arrive until 20 minutes later. the crime happened here in the oak moore neighborhood not far from mayor gene quan lives but people who live here says the mayor has done nothing to address their problems. she couldn't make it to a meeting at the oak moore housing association tonight where a handful of neighbors are talking about putting their own money toward hiring more police officers or building a substation in the hills. >> we are willing to come out of pocket. we need more officers. we need them everywhere. >> reporter: city council member libya shaft says that
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will happen slowly. officers are expected to join the course over the next year. in the meantime she's trying to convince the sheriff's department to help policeman the streets. >> it's simply not enough. >> reporter: neighbors who aref waiting say that won't stop them from taking matters in to their own hands. >> it's remarkable what some people would do for free food. that's the chick-fil-a dance. it's a year's worth of free chicken sandwiches. are you going to show us the dance too? >> no, not quite. i've been covering these things0 years now in a couple of different states and one thing they all have in common, people really do have a good time out here. they're coming off their sugar high a little bit. they were a little bit rowdier. [ cheering ] there you go. if you pan over to the right we've got guys in tents playing the games, trying to stay warm. of course you do have about 100 people in tents
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sitting out here. we've got video we shot a little bit earlier when they were a little bit rowdier. here's how it works. 100 people have to stay here for 24 hours straight until tomorrow morning. they have access to a bathroom and they're fed meals and snacks but they cannot leave the property. if they make it, they win a year's worth of chick-fil-a, one meal a week for 52 weeks. >> chick-fil-a is where it's at. i get free chicken for a year! as long as i stay till 6 a.m. >> after requests of our producer we did some math here. the value of the free food is $300. if you're working out here for 24 hours, that comes out to about $12.50 an hour. >> oh. >> come on, we want to see the chicken dance. do it. >> is there a fick fill ai -- a chicken dance you guys know about? >> here come the chicken
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dancers. >> this looks like gangnam style. >> oh, wow. they're really moving and groov. >> this is the most happening thing in walnut creek tonight. actually probably for the year. who knows. >> someone is going to throw out their back. [ laughter ] >> bay area's newest and biggest outlet mall is less than 12 hours from opening. julia on the last minute rush to get the place ready. >> reporter: the clock is ticking, finishing touches full speed away. the long awaited grand opening of this outlet mall, paragon, set to open in livermore just one day away. >> believe it or not two weeks ago the place looked like a construction site. it was a hard hat zone. there was rock,
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concrete, and dirt everywhere. seeing it today it really feels like a shopping center. >> reporter: today by invitation only some shoppers got a sneak peak with preview sales at bloomingdale's, sack's fifth avenue. >> it's great to know where the great finds are and get the big deals. >> reporter: 134 stores offering deals up to 70% off. >> oh, these are nice. >> so they were $220 and i got them for $99. >> the clock is ticking. you guys going to be ready? >> i think so. we've been ready to work the wht . >> reporter: traffic enforcement in full force for the capacity crowd expected among busy interstate 535. proda, armani, coach, banana republic just to name a few. opening day, stores open at 10 a.m. with a champagne and confetti opening ceremony. will they be ready?
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they say yes. >> usually women in labor rush to get to the hospital, but not this new mom. the pit stop she just had to make on the way to delivering her baby. >> i'm borderline heart attack. >> her new iphone sounded mufft the store wouldn't take it back. the two tiny things that were missing that caused apple to refuse a refund. >> plus the five things that are a better bargain to buy in november.
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invested in the california proposition fight, just thik about the folks who bankrold those campaigns. we're not just talking 25, 50, or 100 >> if you think you have something invested in the proposition fight, think of the campaigns that bankrolled those campaigns. we look at the winners and losers who wagered millions. >> this should be the beginning of a new chapter. >> reporter: it comes down to dollars, l.a. attorney molly monger is the biggest loser. she spent $44.1 million of her
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own money on proposition 38, a tax measure for schools, it failed. her brother, stanford physicist spent also to support the unsuccessful proposition 32, which would have restricted union money in politics. >> it's common for wealthy individuals to spend a lot of money to influence initiatives. >> reporter: daniel newman is co-founder which tracks political spending. >> we've seen four individuals that have donated more than $15 million. >> reporter: insurance executive george joseph spent $16.9 million on proposition 33, a failed effort to change insurance laws. but there were two winners as well. former facebook executive chris kelly spent $2.4 million on proposition 35, that increased
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penalties for human trafficking and investment manager steyer invested on prop 39 which changes the way corporations will pay california tax. >> graham alexander couldn't care less who won the election because he's one, as in one day old. his mom, shay, made sure to deliver her ballot before delivering him. the missouri teacher's water broke and she was on her way to the hospital when she realized she needed to vote. >> it's voting day. i'm not going to be able to vote . he said, well, polls open at 6:00. okay. >> i was the driver. it was the polling place on they to the hospital so we popped in real quick and thought we had plenty of time to get there. doctor didn't seem real concerned yet. >> mom said she had to vote because she's been telling her students all year how important it is. >> can you hear me now? one california woman said she cn
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-- well with her new iphone but the store refused to take it back. kurtis ming. >> reporter: she says she coulr properly out of her i-phone 5. >> sounds like there was a towel or piece of clock over the speakers. >> reporter: she says she brought it back within two weeks but apple refused to take back the iphone, saying these two screws were missing, showing she tampered with the phone. she says she didn't. >> of course at this point i'm borderline heart attack. i don't know who's opened my phone. >> reporter: jessica says she's never heard of iphones being shipped without screws. >> it would take a lot to unscrew your phone and go in to it. i'm looking at the phone now. the screws are very, very tiny. i don't even have a
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screwdriver at home that would unscrew these. >> reporter: but what about the muffled speaker? with any product there are bound to be some bad apples. >> they're shipping and producing mass quantities of these electronics and sometimes mistakes happen, faulty hardware pieces slip through. >> reporter: we reached out to apple and they said they had nothing to add to our story about the return issue or muffled speaker. after she contacted us she got a call from apple's executive team offering to exchange her phone for a new phone. >> happy, victorious, like i got what i deserve. >> reporter: this time she made sure her phone had screws. >> this is what it's supposed to sound like. it's sharp, clear, and it's great. >> whether you're planning a wedding or getting ready to cook thanksgiving dinner you can save money by shopping right now. elizabeth cook on the five things that are cheaper in
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november. >> reporter: it's amazing what people will do for a good deal. instead of saving your pennies for black friday madness -- >> seems like there's good deals in there. >> reporter: it may be time to warm up your wallet. according to deal news, an online source for all things discounted, this is the perfect time to shop if you're in the market for five very specific items, starting with cook wear. >> it's not a popular christmas gift so these have to be sold during november, otherwise for the holidays it's a no-go. >> reporter: and tools. >> this isn't the time of year most men will buy tools for themselves. that's more spring. >> reporter: if you're in the market for a wedding dress, now is the time to buy. >> the holidays are the top time for engagements but they're the bottom time for weddings. so wedding dresses will be on sale. >> reporter: add to the list candy, turkey, and last but not least, fall clothing. >> retailers have brought in
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special things for the holidays but have fall merchandise and consumers still want it. it's going to be reduced. they want to get rid of it. >> reporter: let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> i've heard in mid december the sales get even better. >> getting colder. find out who could see some snos week in the bay area. ,,
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>> for those folks working the ice rinking the -- ice skating rink, the timing is perfect. enjoy the skating. you'll be able to the next couple nights. we'll head to the santa clara valley. in the south bay you're cloudy like everybody else. already in the mid 50s. high def doppler, couple showers offshore, about 20 miles southwest of san francisco. the big story is going to be the cold that comes
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in with this front, cold enough that on friday, mount st. helena, hamilton, anybody above 3500 feet will likely see snow showers coming up on friday. a dusting is possible. oakland tonight, 52. north of the golden gate, low 40s tonight. here comes the large area of upper level low pressure. it's got cold air with it. once the front moves through tomorrow we'll have three straight days, thursday, friday, saturday with highs likely not hitting 60 degrees for many of you. the coldest three-day stretch of weather we've had since easter. it's going to hang out for three days. we'll have scattered showers around. these are highs tomorrow, right around 60. 11 degrees below average for san jose. livermore, 8 degrees below average. 60 for palo alto and cupertino, 60 for heyward. dublin, 60.
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right around 59 or 60 degrees for alameda, san francisco. we're chilly and showery for the next three days. sunday will be pleasant. mid 60s. back to the upper 60s by next monday and next tuesday. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> we've got live soccer down here in santa clara. the winner goes on, the loser's season is over. ,,,,,,
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santa clara >> here's dennis with the sports report tonight at buck shaw stadium in santa clara. >> we decided to do a little soccer tonight for the sports cast. the san jose earthquake had not lost here all season long. so a win or tie tonight against the l.a. galaxy, and they're on to the western conference finals. yellow guard told the story of how san jose's night went. we go to the 21st minute of play. the galaxy strike first. robbie keane dribbles uncontested. rifled the shot off the goalpost to put the galaxy up.
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nice touch pass to keane. two goals for keane. it was 2-0 galaxy. then the former earthquake strikes again. donovan would rifle it in to the middle and mike magee with a one-timer in to the back of the net. galaxy in the driver's seat at 3-0, all goals in the 1st half. the quakes just needed two goals for the aggregate tie. eighty-first minute, gordon deflects the ball to make it 3-1. that was as close as they would come. galaxy win 3-1 and end the earthquakes' season. >> every game has a lot of opportunities. if you convert on them, and they take care of business. but very proud of our team. we battled hard and had a good season. a little bummed but yeah. >> we're going to be together for a long time. this is not the end for us. it's something where i can actually hold on to
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and look forward. i don't want to stay in this moment for longer than i have to because this one hurts. >> i thought we were terrific throughout the game. could have scored a lot of goals tonight. >> pablo sandoval taking the warriors game, world series mvp. nice reception from the crowd. boga had five assists including the backdoor beauty to stefan curry. drives to the lane, banks it in, had a double-double, 22 points, 14 boards, warriors scored 36 in the 1st quarter alone. 4th quarter, lee finds barnes in the corner. barnes had 14 on the night. the warriors win 106-96 and improve to 3-1 on the season. now the bad news of course is that the earthquakes lose here and their season is
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over, but there is something big in this building.
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>> goodnight.


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